The Life of George Mueller: A Life of Faith and Miracles

Welcome, young readers, to an incredible journey through the inspiring life of George Mueller. George Mueller was a faithful servant of God who dedicated his life to caring for orphans in England. Today, we begin our adventure with Chapter 1, where we explore George Mueller's life of faith, trust in God's provision, and the remarkable miracles he witnessed. Let's delve into the extraordinary story of his childhood, life, achievements, and the impact of his ministry together!


George Mueller was born on September 27, 1805, in Prussia (now part of modern-day Germany). Growing up, George Mueller faced many challenges and experienced the grace of God that would shape the rest of his life. As a young man, he lived a life of rebellion and disobedience to God, but through a series of divine encounters and the prayers of his loved ones, George Mueller's heart was transformed, and he devoted his life to following Jesus Christ.

After moving to England, George Mueller became burdened for the orphans living in the streets, with no one to care for them. He believed that God had called him to establish orphanages to provide these children with a loving home and share the hope of Jesus with them. George Mueller's ministry was characterized by an unwavering faith in God's provision.

One of the most remarkable aspects of George Mueller's life was the countless miracles he witnessed. Despite having no personal income or regular funding for his orphanages, George Mueller prayed earnestly and trusted God to provide for every need. Time and time again, God showed His faithfulness through miraculous provisions.

On one occasion, when food supplies were completely depleted, George Mueller and the children gathered around the table to pray. Just as they finished praying, there was a knock at the door. A local baker had felt a strong urge to bake bread for them and brought fresh loaves. Moments later, a milkman's cart broke down outside the orphanage, and he offered all the milk to the children so it wouldn't spoil.

In another instance, when financial resources were nearly exhausted, George Mueller prayed and believed that God would provide. Shortly after, a letter arrived with an unexpected donation, exactly the amount needed to meet the urgent needs of the orphanages.

These stories of divine provision and miraculous interventions became well-known, inspiring others to trust in God's faithfulness and love. Through George Mueller's unwavering faith, many witnessed the truth that God always does what is good, right, and true because He loves us.

Questions for children
1. Who was George Mueller and where was he born?
2. What did George Mueller trust God to provide for?
3. Can you share one of the miracles that George Mueller witnessed?

Take a moment to reflect on these questions, and pray:

"Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for the incredible life of George Mueller and the miracles he witnessed. Help us to trust in Your provision and have unwavering faith, just as he did. Open our eyes to the miracles happening around us every day. Strengthen our faith in Your goodness and love. In Jesus' name, Amen."

Remember, dear children, George Mueller's life of faith and the miracles he witnessed testify to God's unfailing love and provision. Stay tuned for the next devotional as we continue our exploration of the remarkable life, achievements, and the lasting impact of George Mueller's ministry. May you be inspired to trust in God's miracles and walk in unwavering faith!

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